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Episode 03 | Tales from the Trail Part 1

Calleigh re-imagines her travels by skateboard in this short-form content tell-all episode that kicks off a subseries for the Wheel World podcast. Digging deep into where the roots of adventure for her came from, find out how Calleigh crossed every state line that borders Massachusetts, a feat that became her entry into the world [...]

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Episode 02 | The Gendered Condition – Part 02/3

In the first part of this 3 part series, we looked at the history of gender in sports, opening up the dialogue here in episode 2 to explore present-day issues in athletics. With the discussion frequently focusing on transgender athletes, it's especially important to look at statistics, scientific analysis and precedent to form our [...]

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Episode 01 | The Gendered Condition – Part 01/3

Exploring the depths of gender divisions in sports, this episode digs into fact-based evidence from records past and present while considering the ramifications of historical analysis on the future of separating athletics. As the first of three parts to this specific series installation, it introduces Calleigh and her relevance to the world of athletics [...]

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